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Preparing & Painting on Masa Paper
by Judi Pedder

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DVD Testimonials

“I like your DVD – it is everything you said it would be and very informative”
Barbara, Virginia

“I have enjoyed your instructions – you have such a nice manner of explaining your process, and your work is lovely.”
Candace, California

“Your DVD arrived, I’ve already started to watch it and look forward to using my masa paper. It’s very nicely put together and a great presentation on the cover insert with high quality photos, good font, nice proportions, good colours etc. I was a graphic artist for many years and give it an A+. And what a good idea to include a piece of masa paper so people know what to buy.”
Anna, North Carolina

Instructional Experience

Using my studio I have taught many weekly classes and some one-day workshops. In the community I have taught both one-day and five-day workshops.

My goals are to teach observation and painting skills that will transfer to any image. I do not set subjects unless requested - everyone paints something different according to their choice. I firmly believe in sharing knowledge of how different artists work and what works for me and in pointing out some of the most obvious pitfalls to avoid.

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"Preparing and Painting on Masa Paper" workshops as requested. Contact Judi to have your name added to her list.

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